My artwork reflects my concerns about diverse issues in a world that is constantly changing the rules of the game.
Inspiration for my work comes from various sources, feminist or political issues, things that I read or hear that might trigger what I like to call a lyrical reaction or just experiments with textile structures.
I use textile structures as part of my vocabulary not only for their expressive power, but also for the layers of meanings that they convey.

My work is small format no larger that 25 centimeters woven with natural fibers and then manipulated and or embellished off loom.
I have participated in a fair number of international textile exhibits and have also shown solo here in Spain.

Recently I have been experimenting with patterning and fractals that are then digitally printed on fabric.
i have also been experimenting with knitting manipulated images on an electronic knitting machine.

"Single fibers are like letters of an alphabet, with them one can form words and sentences then create prose and poetry"
- Unknown-